I think therefore it is.

“The world as we have created it is a process of our thinking.  It can not be changed without changing our thinking.” -Albert Einstein

So we want things to be different, but we continue the same patterns.  We can’t seem to make enough money, we keep getting into unfulfilling relationships, we aren’t happy with our job, we don’t have the friendships we’d like to have.  We keep trying, but if we’re using the same set of tools we’ve always used how can things change?  There is a much better way.  We can think ourselves into the life we want, the relationships we want, and the abundance that we want.

It’s about the frequency.  And the frequency always works.  (It’s us that messes up, not the universe.)  Say, you imagine yourself in Italy, you see yourself traveling down a road on a hillside in Tuscany awed by the fields of sunflowers and the olive groves, the beautiful villas and the rustic villages, but (and here’s the mess up) in the middle of the vision we start to worry about how we’ll get the time off, or how much money we’ll have to make to afford it, or who we would go with, or any number of problems we can too easily foresee.


Here’s a very important tip.  Don’t worry!  First of all, when you worry you are asking the universe for more things to worry about!  The universe is a mirror that reflects back to you a reality that matches your frequency.  Your frequency is determined by your thoughts and emotions.  If you are thinking about how things could go wrong, believe me, things will go wrong.  This paradigm is always working, even when you aren’t thinking just positive thoughts.  So don’t worry about the hows, whens, whos, whats, or wheres.  The universe can figure that all out.

Let me tell you a story of how mirroring worked for me.  I once gave up my favorite soup pot.  Now, if you don’t cook a lot you may not appreciate the importance of the perfect soup pot.  My soup pot was just the right size.  It was enameled so it prevented the soup from burning (for me that’s a huge plus), it was easy to clean,  and all I can say is, it was perfect.   I hesitated in getting rid of it, but I had just purchased a whole new set of beautiful pots and pans and didn’t feel it was necessary to keep my old pot.  So off to the thrift store it went.

But, boy, did I miss my favorite soup pot.   In fact, I didn’t even buy my old favorite pot.  I got it in the mail with a letter telling me I had won it in a contest.  Honestly, I didn’t even remember entering a contest.  It was a Galloping Gourmet soup pot.  You’ve probably never heard of it.  The Galloping Gourmet was one of the first TV cooking shows, after Julia, of course.  Graham Kerr, a Brit with a killer accent, would cook up a storm while getting sloshed on wine.  His show didn’t last long and his cookware had an even shorter run.  After a winter without my soup pot I knew I should never have given it up.   Cooking soup just wasn’t the same.  The other pots were too big or too small, the soup stuck to the bottom of the pot, it just wasn’t right.   I decided to get a perfect soup pot again.  Most people might think getting another soup pot exactly like one made in the late 1970’s and manufactured for about half a minute was highly unlikely.  I didn’t care,  I started to imagine myself cooking with the perfect soup pot.  I imagined it sitting on the stove simmering away.  I imagined I had it now.  I knew the universe was feeling my frequency of having the perfect soup pot and that soon I would be cooking with it.  It was late spring and I decided I was going to find another soup pot exactly like mine or one even better.  I didn’t want to attach to my specific soup pot because the universe might have a superior one for me.  I just knew a really great soup pot was heading my way.

That very week end I went to a flea market that I visit near my home.  I got out of my car and at the very first vendor there it sat, a Galloping Gourmet soup pot, brand spanking new, Galloping Gourmet sticker still plastered to the bottom, in a better color (red maple) than the one I had owned (olive green), and all mine for the exorbitant price tag of eight dollars.  I laughed out loud and paid the man!

Think about the finagling it took the universe to find that pot and bring it to me.  Really, think about it.  A pot manufactured over 30 years ago.  Never made it big.  I never saw it in a store.  And there it was waiting for me on a Sunday morning in 2012.  Don’t tell me the universe isn’t a giant mirror.


Here’s something really great to wrap your bongo around.  There is no difference between that pot and a trip to Italy.  In fact,  it’s so much easier for you to manifest a trip to Italy.  Planes are always flying there, money is everywhere, and people take vacations all the time.  The universe could easily set that up.  A trip to Italy doesn’t have to hide in the back of someone’s lower kitchen cabinet for 30 years before a dealer comes along, buys it from an estate, and carries it to the flea market just as I’m arriving there.  Italy is easy compared to that series of events!  The delivery of my soup pot was a grand feat by the universe.  Sure, it doesn’t speak Italian, but it simmers up a mean Tuscan White Bean soup!  I knew what I desired and I trusted the universe to bring it to me.  I didn’t worry about how, when, or where.  That’s too much trouble.  I just used my thoughts and emotions to manifest it through the universe.


Tuscan White Bean Soup in the Perfect Soup Pot!

My soup pot story may seem like an insignificant little coincidence, but come on, you know better than that.  See what you desire and don’t worry about how it will come about.  How could I have possibly imagined how the universe would get my soup pot to me?  Really, that would be way too difficult.  The universe has all the answers.  Doesn’t that make it much easier?  We just have to get out of our own way.  Let the universe chart the course of events.  All you have to do is input the destination.  Happy relationship?  See it clearly in your mind, feel it with all your emotions, smell it, taste it, touch it, experience the joy of it, listen to the music of it, and let the universe send it to you.  Dream house?  Imagine walking through it and deciding what furniture to put in it.  See the view from your massive windows.  Feel the possession of it.  Then just trust the universe to know how to make it come about.

If you can control your thoughts and emotions then you can control your life.  Whenever you feel a negative emotion you know you’ve hit a negative thought.  Stop, change the thoughts and change the emotions.  Think of the mirror and what you want sent back to you.

Albert let the universe do most of the work for him.  You can, too.  Time to start cooking up a new life.  Soup’s on!

Some souper affirmations for you!  (sorry, I couldn’t help myself!)

I know that the universe will grant me my every desire.

I need only experience what I want in my mind for it to be manifested.

Life is filled with miracles.  It doesn’t require me to figure out how they happen, just to be open to them.

I believe in the magic of my thoughts becoming reality.

Now visualize your desires and dreams.  See them, feel them.  Pretend you are watching a movie of the life you want.  You are a star!  Experience the joy.  I’m no Einstein, but if the universe can find my pot, it can find your pot of gold!

“We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used to create them.”        ~Albert Einstein


6 thoughts on “I think therefore it is.

  1. Actually Karen.. very easy.. just didnt notice it. Love this one in particular being it is about the power in thought. vigilance.. chosing another way.. another way to think about what I see. thank you for the words and the Einsteinian wisdom .

  2. Nicely written Karen and very insightful! I am going to make a conscious effort to worry less, dream more, and hope that t
    he universe is listening. 🙂

  3. Nicely written Karen and very insightful! I am going to make a conscious effort to worry less, dream more, and hope that the universe is listening. 🙂

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