Energy Matters

“Energy cannot be created or destroyed. It can only be transformed.”         ~Albert Einstein
Well, I suppose if there’s anything we learned from e=mc2, it’s that everything is energy.  Everything.  We are made up of the same stuff as the stars in the Milky Way and the sand at the bottom of the ocean.  We are made up of the same stuff as the snow on the mountain top and the coal deep in the mountain.  What makes the stars different from the sand and the snow different from the coal is the frequency at which their energy is vibrating.  Ahhhhh, frequency.  Light waves vibrate at the highest frequency.   Sound waves vibrate at a high frequency, too.  Matter vibrates at a lower frequency, but we’re all dancing energy units vibrating at our specific frequency!  Really, Professsor?  How can we be a frequency?  We know English isn’t your native tongue, but, geesh!  Well, we are.  We are energy of a denser form than light, but energy nonetheless.
     Here’s the kicker.  Our thoughts are energy.  This means our thoughts cannot be destroyed but only transformed into a different expression of energy.  Our thoughts become our reality.  Yes, you heard me, our thoughts have a specific frequency, the universe takes those thoughts and transforms them into things that match their frequency.
“Imagination is everything.  It is the preview of life’s coming attractions.”   ~Albert Einstein
So how do we match our thought frequency to the frequency of the life (reality) that we want?  We imagine that reality.  It not rocket science.  It’s physics!  When we imagine the life we desire, when we can see it in all it’s joy and glory we are actually vibrating at the frequency of that reality!  The energy of those thoughts is transformed into that physical reality.
Think about when you are feeling good.  You walk with a lighter step, you smile more, and talk easily to strangers.   You feel like you are beaming with the happiness you feel.
What has made your energy so expansive?  Why are you feeling so good?  It’s because you were thinking happy thoughts.  Something triggered a happy thought and it felt good.  Maybe someone complimented you on your smile or gave you some well deserved praise.  This made you happy.  I know, it really doesn’t take much, does it?  But, these happy thoughts produced energy of a high vibration.  The universe, matching that vibration, started sending you things that made you happy.  It was reflecting back your happy frequency.  It’s a domino of happy!
Think of the universe as a giant, and I mean ginormous, mirror.  You put out some good thoughts and emotions and the universe reflects back that energy in the form of more things to make you happy.  It recognizes your higher frequency.
But, what if someone comes along and they haven’t had the best day?  They say something to you that probably wasn’t the nicest thing they could have said.  You react with a hurt thought.  I know, it really doesn’t take much, does it?  This hurt thought hits the mirror and the mirror sends back more things to hurt you.  You got the frequency of the reality you were feeling sent right back to you by the universe.  You see, the universe gives you whatever you think or feel.  The trouble is the universe believes that we understand that it will give us what we think about.   If we are thinking of what we don’t want the universe still sees it as what we want.  Ask and it shall be given is the universe’s motto.  So, whatever you think, you get.  If you are thinking negative thoughts about bad situations, terrible outcomes,  mean people, well, here it comes.  And the universe is so proud to help.  It grants your every desire.  So, before you start having thoughts of how you have been mistreated or done wrong, you might want to decide whether or not you want to continue being a victim of someone’s bad mood or if you’d prefer to have a good day.
     The universe is a mirror reflecting back to you life events which match the frequency of the thoughts and emotions you are having.  It’s not a hard concept.  It’s rather easy to grasp, isn’t it?  Then why don’t we all do it.   Because no one ever told us about it when we were growing up or because we gave up on it and started to disbelieve.  We started to have doubts because we didn’t see results as quickly as we thought we should.  We don’t see results as quickly because the physical world is much denser than our thoughts and takes longer to manifest.  We feel emotions almost instantly when we have bad thoughts because they are energy.  If emotions were matter it would take longer for the universe to send them back to us.  The more we believe and the more we practice positive thoughts the faster the universe can manifest them.
     I’m no Einstein, but if Albert says it’s so, then I’ll take his word for it and even if I didn’t believe him I have my own stories; silly ways in which this law of physics has worked for me and big ways in which it has worked.  We’ll get to those, but lets start practicing our happy thoughts first. These posts will help you take control of your frequency and change your reality through the transformative power of energy!  I hope they will inspire you and keep you on track to your dream life.
     Affirmations are wonderful tools to help get our thoughts heading in the happy direction.  When they hit the mirror we get happy back.  Here are some to try.  Just think of them during the day.  When you say them, either out loud or just as thoughts, feel the emotion,  get excited.  Change your frequency!  Feel free to make theses affirmations yours by wording them differently or adding things that excite you and suit your life and your aesthetic.
·      I have complete faith that my positive thoughts will manifest into the life I visualize!
·      I attract positive energy with my positive thoughts and feelings.
·      I am aware of my thoughts and I keep them positive.  I see the life I wish to live.
·      I am courageous in the knowledge that the universe will respond to my positive thoughts.
     Another wonderful tool is visualization.  See the life you want.  If you want a loving relationship, see scenes of it.  Make them as real as possible.  You’re standing at the kitchen counter chopping some veggies for dinner when your partner sneaks up behind you and gives you a warm hug.  Feel the touch, smell the dinner cooking.  See the candle light in their eyes.  Make these scenes as real as you r imagination will let you!  Feel the breeze, smell the ocean, touch the soft grass.  See yourself with a person who loves and respects you.
If you want to travel, see yourself in foreign locations enjoying every minute of it.  Don’t worry about how it’s going to happen.  The universe takes care of the details.   Just imagine how wonderful your relationship is and how much love you share or imagine being on a plane leaving for yet another exotic locale. Imagine whatever dream it is that makes you happy.  Then let the mirror take control.  It’s the frequency that matters, not the hows, whos, whens, and wheres.  Change your frequency, change your world!  Until next time, use your bongo for happy thoughts!

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